Book A Professional Mc For Your Event For N10, 000

Book A Professional Mc For Your Event For N10, 000


The first question here is what is MC? The full meaning of MC is master of ceremony which can be define as the host of a particular event or a coordinator who over seen almost everything that is going on for an event as the mouth piece.

A professional MC for your event can cost as low as N10, 000 and it maybe high as N3, 000,000 (Five Million Naira Only) it depends on the type of Mc you want.

Booking a professional MC for your event can be easy as ABC but getting a professional Master of Ceremony is very important for your event because they are the mouth piece of the event they are the one to start your event or ends it.

It is very important that you make sure you book a professional MC for your event not getting anybody that does not know anything about it.

These masters of ceremony we are talking about they are in two types one is referred to as Hype man when the other one is (MC) Master of Ceremony they do different work entirely but if you are not in to the business you will not notice this, wait I will explain.

Hype man works is more of getting people attention before the mean event started, like just to call the VIP (Very Important Person) to the high table is also the one to introduce the MC to the audience. also a hype man can also be refer to as hip hop back up

The MC who is the Master of Ceremony does the rest of the works by cracking a jokes to the audience and also to tell them the next program, An MC can also be seeing as a comedian a lot of master of ceremony have a lot of quality that hype man don’t have.


You may need a MC and you end up getting a hype man but that is not your fourth since you are not in the game the work of MC and hype man is two different thing but they always do similar things.

That is why xcelcity entertainment is here for you, telling you to book a professional Mc for your event for N10, 000 (Ten Thousand Naira Only) check our details below and contact us we promise to deliver.


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