BREAKING NEWS: Flocazino Signs New Record Deal With Xcelcity | Read

BREAKING NEWS: Flocazino Signs New Record Deal With Xcelcity | Read

Xcelcity Entertainment never seizes to bring forth unique sounds as we unfold our brand new musical act who goes by the name “Flocazino” popularly known as the “Killervibes”, an Afro-Urban rapper who has recently underground different artistry test but comes out victorious by matching and beating his way to the current industry trends with his unique rap skills which are incomparable by his vocals, metaphors, punch lines, wordplays and as well as the storylines.

Flocazino hails from the western piece of Africa; Nigeria to be precise as controversy over the web goes viral concluding by his Twi accent, African music lovers called him the future of West African music.

It is safe to state that the young rapper has been doing well when it comes to his root, hypnotizing the street with dope African bounce, portraying incongruity, and transparency in the everyday life.

Additionally team ‘Xcelcity’ furthermore unfolds that as an entertainment company the race of shuttling the ‘killervibes’ to the mainstream is at hand as its effort of promoting young talents and adding positive vibes to humanity is a priority.

Furthermore ‘Flocazino’ unvails that his biological mother has been a full supporter and inspiration in his musical career as she joins him as a witness in contrary to the records deal as well as his cinematographer which has been a positive influence as of late.

The Newly signed artist has a quote for the industry.

‘Watch Out For The African Reunion the end is just the begining black lives matters so bring it back for me’


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