[BREAKING NEWS] Xcelcity Awarded As Blog Of The Year 2018 | Photos

[BREAKING NEWS] Xcelcity Awarded As Blog Of The Year 2018 | Photos

Most importantly, I would want to thank the Jury authorities of Karu-Abuja for choosing our Blog as the ‘Blog of the Year 2018’ and regarding us with this honour. All things considered, this is an extremely pleased minute for us as it took around not exactly a year to achieve this stage. Yet, brace yourself for what I’m about to tell you, we didn’t walk alone; We were joined by all the profitable staff individuals and the committed Admin who have worked throughout each and every day to make the brand a standout amongst the most conspicuous brands in Abuja to the extent Nigeria. Here, we might particularly want to thank all melodic Artiste, humorist and furthermore different occasions/mark administrators as well, who had confidence in us and gave us nonstop business which propelled us to work more earnestly to give them the best administrations in our ability.

Being granted with the ‘Blog of the year 2018 award’ signifies a ton to us since it implies our Admins love our stage and they are content with the brand. Consistently, we inside lead the semiannual administrator overview to figure out what we are missing at and what we are great at. Our administrators are just requested to fill the study without referencing their name or office. We keep up this decency with the goal that we can really work upon the shortcomings. we particularly thank every one of the workers who had been exceptionally legitimate with the review in imparting their sentiments to us, since it roused us to improve the situation for them and consequently, we are here today accepting this Award.

I might likewise want to make reference to the name of the investors, who have constantly trusted and trusted us and have kept on putting resources into our brand.

To wrap things up, obviously, winning this respect wouldn’t have been conceivable without our endorser’s ethical help and motivation; they are genuinely our spine.

We genuinely thank every one of you for your persistent help and furthermore all the inside and outside identities who are straightforwardly or in a roundabout way engaged with the creation and working of our Blog.

Much obliged


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