Get A Standard Music Production For Just N10, 000

Get A Standard Music Production For Just N10, 000

What is a standard music production? A standard music production can be said to be an audio records that was make in a music studio by a professional music producer.

When it comes to produce a good music you need to look out for a standard music production with a professional producer.

Get Your Own Original Beat For N5,000 XcelcityOctober 10, 2020

There are many production but not all of them is good, don’t look for the beautiful of a studio check out the sound this is very important not because of anything but to make sure your  sound comes out the way you want it.

It is possible for you to get a production for as low N3, 000 (Three Thousand Naira Only) and as high as N300, 000 (Three Hundred Thousand Naira Only), Yes, you read it very well N3, 000 but that is not what we are here for now.

Have you ever asked for the music industry standard music production price!

 There is no answer to this question you know why because is an open market any studio or producer can charged what they want , but as a customer you can work within your budget , one of the reason why the price is not fix is the thing is more of the business in the industry .

We have decided to create an open market for you to know that anything you have can work something out for you but talking about getting a standard music production xcelcity can do that for you anywhere anytime any day.

note, just an advise make sure you look out for a good producer and a standard production not a beautiful studio.

You can get a standard music production for just N10, 000 by calling us today on the details below.

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