I Didn’t Work With Kizz Daniel & Reekado Banks On Selense Video Because Of Their Beef – Harrysong

I Didn’t Work With Kizz Daniel & Reekado Banks On Selense Video Because Of Their Beef – Harrysong

After the responses that took after Harrysong  new form of his last track, Selense, which include Dice Ailes and Iyanya, the vocalist has discharged an announcement that in opposition to individuals’ conviction, he didn’t change the artistes on his new form of ‘Selense‘ in view of Kizz Daniel, who in the tune expressed that he is the greatest artiste in the nation. That didn’t make a difference to Harrysong. Or maybe, the change was made due to a greater issue.



As per this announcement, the new Selense, which is the video, did not come up on account of any fact in that response rather it was a result of an issue concerning the two artistes on the main discharge, Reekado Banks, and Kizz Daniel, expressing that Kizz Daniel wasn’t making it simple for Harrysong  group.



Harrysong who talked through his administrator, Desmond Ike expressed that;


“It wasn’t about what Kizz Daniel said on the melody; there is nothing strange about it. When you accomplish something with individuals and they don’t make it simple for you, you need to search for an approach to get yourself straightened out. Harrysong initially did the melody with Reekado Banks and Kizz Daniel however at a point, Daniel said he would not like to star in the video in light of the fact that Reekado would be in it. He said he would not like to have anything to do with Reekado. We attempted to deal with the issue between them two so we could shoot the video however Daniel declined energetically; he didn’t need any compromise. Hence, we chose to do another rendition of the tune with Iyanya and Dice Ailes. Kizz Daniel was simply being egotistical about the entire thing and carrying on like he is a demigod.”



The supervisor expressed that Harrysong and his group had no past information of the hamburger between Kizz Daniel and Reekado Banks as the artistes have recorded their piece of the melody in an unexpected way. They were just tipped when Kizz Daniel declined to be on an indistinguishable melody from Reekado without expressing the main problem.


“We don’t generally know the issue between them yet it must be a long-standing quarrel. He said he would not like to be on any melody that Reekado was included on. He denied every one of our supplications.”



Talking further, he included;


“They recorded their verses independently. The minute he understood that Banks was on the tune was the point at which he began saying he would not like to be a piece of it any longer. We at first idea it was something we could resolve genially as companions in the business yet Daniel demanded that he would not like to be a piece of it. He disappointed each move to accommodate them. Kizz Daniel even made the melody to be pulled from iTunes, guaranteeing that he didn’t give his assent for his voice to be utilized; that was the means by which far he went. We had no real option except to search for an exit plan.”



The director, Ike uncovered that they have attempted everything they could however Kizz Daniel hasn’t swell thus they have proceeded onward with Iyanya and Dice Ailes and are thankful that the new tune is making the kind achievement it is making.



“At this moment, the tune is doing on the graphs. That demonstrates that nobody is key. Everyone likes the new form. We have done all we should do and we have proceeded onward. We can’t ask Daniel on the grounds that Harrysong is greater than all that,”



From this data, we have found that there is ill will between Kizz Daniel and Reekado Banks that was never in the spotlight and keeping in mind that we don’t have data on that yet, we will surely refresh you for all the more once gotten.


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