NEWS: At TedX Maitama MI Abaga Provokes Abuja Residents

At TedX Maitama MI Abaga Provokes Abuja Residents

MI Abaga was the sole artist among the list of designated speakers at the TedX Maitama in Nigerian capita lover the weekend, wherever he showed a aspect of himself individuals seldom see. The Chocolate City Music chief executive officer mentioned his intelligent concepts with a fascinating community of individuals in Nigerian capital.

In a Federal Republic of Nigeria, wherever the foremost trending topics vary from politics to social instability, MI Abaga challenged the gang to figure along in unity to realize goals victimisation the music trade as Associate in Nursing example to additional buttress his points.

An advocate for feminism, he highlighted the team was created of preponderantly young girls WHO spoke a typical language to realize the goal of TedX Maitama.

TedX Maitama control at Dunes center in Nigerian capital on Sat fourteenth July with the theme “WHAT NEXT?”

MI Abaga spoke stormily regarding the explanation, challenges and effects of “Building up” within the society. Citing the bible on the tower of Babel and the way a barrier of language was able to ruin the goal to create the tower that was already being accomplished step by step.

Citing multiple examples in each his role as business executive and creative person, MI Abaga stressed the vast would like for unifying the society with the target of making worth. He inspired the gang to concentrate on the goal of obtaining the work done no matter the challenges that come back as a result of the reward is within the feeling of satisfaction derived.

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