Shoot A Minute Music Video For As Low As N7, 000

Shoot A Minute Music Video For As Low As N7, 000

Shooting a music video is one of the great step for an artist to take but in an absent of money it is not advisable to shoot anyhow video.

In absent of funds you are advice to shoot a minute video for many of your fans to see that you are really talented,

Shooting a minute video is more of using it to promote yourself which very important in artist music carrier, you will easily agree with me that it is possible for anyone listen to your audio music to be doing something ex.

But if you are watching your phone or a television you will make sure that you put all your attention in other to know what is going to happen next, that is how powerful a video works.

Shooting a video price!

Do A Proper Branding With A Platform Management For N20,000

A video full video can cost you as much as N2, 000,000 (Two million Naira Only) and it can also cost you as low as N50, 000 it depend on the kind of video you are shooting and the director script, but a minute video can cost you as low as N5, 000 and as high as N20, 000 still depend on your budget.

To get a one minute video shoot is very with your N7, 000 we will assist you and do the entire necessary thing for you.

One of the good things of shooting a video is that it makes the public to be familiar with your face and that is what they called celebrity people that watch you on their screen once they see you  they you reality they seems to  admire you differently

Xcelcity is here for you to work with your budget and match you with a director that fit your project check our contact below.

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